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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
----------------- more from the 3/24 broadcast, as transcribed by E in Germany
Abbott and Costello, live on CNN:

Richard: Now, before we go a moment further I want to update you on a little bit of something. A moment ago, we were just saying, Monita and I, that Prince Rainier [of Monaco] is the second-longest-reigning monarch in the world, and that of course immediately begs the question that I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves. Who's the longest-reigning monarch? [shuffles paper and looks innocent]
Monita: So who is the longest-reigning monarch?
Richard: I'm sorry?
Monita: Who is it?
Richard: Who it is?
Monita: The longest.
Richard: The longest-reigning monarch?
Monita: Yeah.
Richard: [bites lip, shuffles paper, looks innocent] I…I…[shuffles paper] I'll tell you at the end…I'll tell you before we go to the break.
Monita: Ooh, he's teasing us.
Richard: Tell you before we go to the break. All right, let's move on…

(reports; presumably CNN staff are furiously googling)

Richard: Interesting discussion there on corporate governance.
Monita: Mmm-hmm. Absolutely. Coming up –
Richard: [bunch of inarticulate babble and hand-waving] Now come on, you're getting previous.
Monita: Am I?
Richard: You are.
Monita: Oh, sorry, forgot about the little bit of trivia that you had found out for us.
Richard: LITTLE BIT of trivia? This is the longest-reigning monarch in the world!
Monita: OK, the big bit of trivia that you found.
Richard: King Rama the Ninth of Thailand. He ascended the throne in the 1940s.
Monita: Hmm, so, 3 years, then [longer than Prince Rainier]
Richard: Yes, but he didn't become king until 1950, because he was under age and he ruled with a regent for the first few years of his reign, and then became king. So—
Monita: So, technically, would he still be the longest-running –
Richard: Yes.
Monita: The longest-serving monarch.
Richard: Yes, yes he would, I think, because he ascended to the throne but he ruled with a regent, he just didn't take the title. Well, I'm glad we clarified that for you!
Monita: Good to know. The things you learn every day here on CNN.
Richard: Coming up…[transition]