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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
March 10, 2005
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10 March

[report from CEBIT about mobile music, closes with a close-up of a *very* old record player playing a crackly record]

Richard: [winding motion] I've still got one -
Andrea: I know you do.
Richard: I do! [still winding] And not only do I have a wind-up gramophone, I also have a phonograph.
Andrea: Richard's very old-school.
Richard: Just old. Coming up next -
Andrea: You are now. That's right!...


Richard: In the next hour of the show we'll have the world's #1 dog show, Cruft's, which gets under way in the United Kingdom. What makes a do a top dog? We have an expert, we have a dog, and we have a career-threatening segment.

[and they never HAD the dog. They brought it out into the wings right near the end, you could hear the handler talking to the dog and at one point the dog whined, but the dog itself never made an appearance. I want my money back!]


[Richard had been whinging apparently for quite some time about the weather, so Jenny Harrison did a sunshine search, found high temps and sun in the Seychelles]

Jenny: I seem to think I know a man not too far away from here who could like that sort of weather.
Richard: You're the sort of woman my mother warned me about, Miss Harrison.
Jenny: So you often say. Oh dear, well, you have a nice day.
Richard: Well, you know, you temptress, you, you're showing me hot sunny spells in the Seychelles and all I've got is a maximum of 0 degrees in London.
Jenny: You see, now, you've not been paying attention, have you? Nine degrees in London today, and with some sunshine. Sounds pretty good really. Not 31 degrees, but it's not bad.
Richard: I was gonna say, sounds pretty good if you're in the Seychelles at 31 degrees. All right, well… [transition]


The curtain rises on CEBIT, and if you're like me and you believe that music should have a crackle to it, well, this new-fangled technology that's coming to mobile phones, well, it's, it's, it's a learning curve, an experience. Mallika Kapur will be our tutor.

Have we been neglecting you?

So sorry, I've been v v busy. and so has Richard. E in Germany sends us a delightful note echoing our concern about RQ's health as he seems to spend more than 7 days on the air covering the Pope's funeral and Prince Charles's wedding.

She writes:
So, he was at the desk from the 28th of March to the 1st of April, including one day that week when Monita didn't show and he was all on his own for three hours
(VERY dangerous, I think). He was there on the 2nd of April, and you caught him reporting from Rome on the 3rd. He was freezing various bits of his anatomy off
in Rome from the 4th through the 8th, caught a flight to London that day, taped some segments in London and Windsor (still wearing his funeral suit; Richard, how
tacky!) that same day, then spent at least 10 hours on the 9th reporting live from Windsor.

So I turn on my TV this morning at 5 in the morning London time (and remember, we know from his whinging about holidays he has to get in there at 3 in the
morning), and I figure it'll be Charles Hodson or something. But nooooo, it's Energizer Richard! Whatever he's taking, I want some. Sitting in a very
deadly dull presentation this morning, I did a count and realized out of the last 15 days, he's been live on camera on 14 of them.

However, he's escaped twice in a row from whoever dresses him in the morning. Saturday his suit was quite nice, but his tie looked like one of my cats had
eaten a whole can of tomato sauce, washed it down with cranberry juice, and then recycled it onto the carpet.

THis morning, again, quite nice gray suit with a lighter pinstripe in it. With a sort of golden-orange polka-dot tie. My eyes do not need that at 6 in the

And, I knew I should have hopped a plane and gone to Windsor once Monita said he'd be out there covering it. I swear to goodness, if there was an American
woman on the sidewalk, he had his arm around her!!!

Only the Americans, mind you, although he does seem to be a "touchy" kind of guy anyway [Editor's note: I'll be happy to test E's theory about Richard's touchy-feely ways around Americans].

Anyhoo...nothing much of interest on Business Traveller. But loads of good stuff from the wedding; I'll try to get a bunch of transcripts later this

Perhaps Richard's gone color-blind from the fatigue.