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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
In Quest of "Quest"

Sorry for the delay but Blogger was up and down with maintenance delays. So we are back with more news about Richard.
First, if you can't get enough about Richard, do check out a discussion group/forum devoted to him here.

E in Germany provides us with much good news- she writes:
Oh dear me. I had seen somewhere a passing mention of
him having a new show [it's a one-hour special, really], but didn't believe it. Then I
turned on the TV yesterday, tuned of course to CNN,
and caught the tail end of an ad for it. Entitled
"Quest", it's a quest for the basis of creative
genius. Or something. Anyway, first show (airing
next Saturday), he tries his hand at standup comedy.

Funny, that. Usually he does sit-down.

OK...moving right along! He does indeed have at least
a minute with Jon Stewart, both of them sitting on the
steps at the front of JS's set. And some sort of a
brief piece with Billy Connolly, who is very
definitely a Scot and appears to be a comic. Should
be interesting... "So a Scot and a Yorkshireman go
into a bar..."

And, there is at least one piece on the upcoming BT
about food. Again. The lucky devil went to Lyon,
France, which is nothing basically but one *very*
large restaurant with a few museums, churches, and
businesses scattered around the edges.

I'm beginning to think he's got serious food issues...
the Black Forest gateau in March, plus various tastes
of everything going during his cooking lesson, clam
chowder on the Pier in San Francisco last month, and
now Lyon. If you can't find something to eat in Lyon,
you're not trying. I just wish I had his metabolism!

During the wedding telecast, he cornered some wedding
guest on the street afterwards, apparently she's a
well-known comedic actress. She commented that
Camilla was just a tiny little slip of a thing, and
Richard made some sort of noise of disbelief. Her
response was, "Oh yes, you do know TV cameras put at
least 10 pounds on you... Well, except for you.
[looks him over] You'd find more fat on a French
fry!" I think he actually blushed.

He hasn't been on at all in the mornings since two
weeks ago when I wrote you, although he *was*
anchoring Business International on Friday. Hopefully
he's coming back to the morning show, and not
abandoning it in favor of his new venture.

Quest debuts for those lucky enough to get CNN International on April 30th and May 1. Check your television schedules for exact broadcast dates. Ooo, we're so envious of you over there in Europe and Asia.