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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dearest Reader,
I've something to ask of you. I am hearing impaired and am trying to raise money to purchase a new set of hearing aids. Shamefully, in the US, medical insurance does not cover the cost of hearing aids or accessories. So I have to raise USD $4000 to replace my current hearing aids which are 11 years old. My current salary and expenses cannot accomodate this cost and I'm asking everyone I know for help.

If you've enjoyed what this site has to offer, would you please contribute to my hearing aid fund? You can make a donation via the paypal button or email me and I can send you details and my mailing address.

Excuse the imposition, but I'm asking all my friends and I consider readers of Quest Quips my friends.

If you know of programs that provide grants for purchasing hearing aids, please let me know about those too. Thanks, A. Crew.