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Friday, July 08, 2005
We're Back...

First, our hearts go out to all our readers in London or with family and friends in London at this time. We hope all is safe with you and yours. We're sure Richard was up 24/7 anchoring CNN International's AM shows to cover the tragedy.

Secondly, Richard's new show has debuted or mebbe it's just his promo. Apparently, it premiered on Monday, July 4th.

Oh, how we wish we could have seen it but the bloody heads at CNN US don't see fit to share the Questy goodness with us Stateside.

O well, the lovely ladies at the Richard Quest forum on Proboards are doing a great job at giving us an idea of what the first episode was like. Apparently, Richard is a man of action, breeding and, um, endowment.

He did segments while riding a horse, climbs a rock, and undergoes an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The girls on the boards are all agog about whether he's naked under a sheet for the last bit and what bits may be visible.

O, to have a screen cap of that!