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Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello, did you miss me? I've missed you! Sorry to be so long between posts but haven't had much time to catch up on all things Richard lately.

Luckily, TMM (the mainstream media) mentioned our boy today.
Richard made it in the "Lowdown" gossip column for The New York Daily News.

Apparently, Richard's in New York, covering Fashion Week.

Lloyd Grove reports:

That was Naomi Campbell living up to her superdiva reputation by keeping a CNN crew waiting two hours for an interview in the Bryant Park tents Wednesday. When she finally showed up in the W Hotels' Backstage Bungalow to tape the segment, she caused interviewer Richard Quest to erupt in laughter when she insisted:

"I'm very, very sensitive. Things affect me deeply. I'm a very sweet, very kind person."